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To minimize the cost of customer business operation, we are going to invest a 10,000m2 warehouse system at Cau Dien area.
We understand that the effect and flexibility in logistics are necessary. By connecting with other companies within this industry, we guarantee to deliver a quality supply chain management service to diverse customers. 
The warehouse is based on national standard, modern security system. 
are fixed warehouses, are well-equipped with  a fully security system, supervised by camera systems; the lighting and ventilation systems (air tube systems) are in accordance with the regulations, the system to prevent fire and explosion ensure high safety standard stipulations of the Preventing fire and Fighting fire Authority.
Our warehousing and distribution systems will pick, pack, store and distribute consignments anywhere in Viet Nam by efficient mode of transport. 
Our Warehousing and Distribution Services include the following:
- Receiving and inventory.
- Sorting and segregating.
- Forklifts and cranes.
- Pick and pack, labelling.
- Crating.
- Delivery and emergency parts distributions.
- Security.
- Insurance.

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